We can Manage
your Project Sales
for Better quality Processes

Project Management Consultancy

for Builders and Promoters

Develop the Strategy, Budget and Timeline to bring your vision to life.

We have a vast experience of 15 years of doing Exclusive Projects for Underwriting, Sales & Marketing, Land Acquisition. Our team take these following challenging assignments with confidence.

Sales Management

You Develop – We Sell
While you develop your project and you want to concentrate on construction quality and purchasing , We take the charge of Sales and Marketing on your behalf with full responsibility. We provide best market practices for Customer handling for showing of Sample flats to closing of deals.

Concept Selling
To promote your Project to a specialized segment of a market we develop and implement strategies which best suit according to the market conditions. We design your products with a special concept for easy selling.

Marketing Management

Advertising & Marketing
We provide a marketing strategy with 360 Degree plan with cost effective advertisement to help you keep pace with time, so that the Project time line may not suffer due to poor sales .

Digital Marketing Tools
We help in setting up & management of Digital tools required for the project which includes Websites, Social media Accounts, Online Campaigns, Analytic Reports etc.

Niche Marketing
To promote your Project to a special type of customers in the market, we develop and implement strategies which best suit as per time and conditions. We can help in this special marketing.

JV Management

Joint Venture Support
A combination of two or more parties that seek the development of a single enterprise or project for profit, Some times its advisable to join hands with the land owner as a partner and invest on the development part only. We can help in this match making.

Leasing Management

Commercial Project Leasing with Brands
Lease Negotiation and Execution
Broker Relationship
Market Analysis
Marketing and Promotion
Property Showcasing

Project Management

Complete Bouquet:
Budget Planning
Selection of Project Site
Coordination with Architect in Designing
Specifications as per Standards
Selection of Contractors/ Sub Contractors
Construction Timelines
Marketing materials & Events
Sales & other teams Recruitment
Orientations & Trainings
Customers Handling Procedures
Documentations from pre Sales to Possession
Banking Tie-ups

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