Thailand is a newly industrialized country. Its economy is heavily export-dependent, with exports accounting for more than two-thirds of its gross domestic product. Thailand is the second-largest economy within ASEAN. Described by the World Bank as “one of the great development success stories” for its progress in social and economic development, the country remains on an upward trajectory. Thailand is a very popular Tourist Destination even though it accounts to just 7% of its GDP. It has become a Hub for Agriculture, Marine and Hardware exports. Thailand’s investment this year as a percentage of GDP is set to reach 30%, outstripping the 24% global average, 19% for advanced economies, 18% for countries in the euro zone, 17% for the US and 15% for the UK. The increased investment will also help to offset the impact of the global economic downturn in China, Europe and the US which purchase the bulk of Thailand’s exports.




Gateway to Asia- Thailand enjoys a strategic location and serves as a gateway into the heart of Asia – home

to what is today the largest growing economic market.

The country also offers convenient trade with China, India and the countries of the

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and easy access into the Greater

Mekong sub-region, where newly emerging markets offer great business potential.


Thailand was one of the founding members of ASEAN and has been instrumental in the formation and development of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). AFTA entered into force on 1 January 2010 for the six original ASEAN (ASEAN-6) members (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Brunei) thereby reducing import duties to zero; the so-called CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) has followed. Thailand is ideally located at the crossroads of Asia, with easy access to the region’s dynamic markets, including its own booming domestic consumer market of 65.12 million people. Thailand has long been a proponent of free and fair trade and its attractiveness as a production base for leading international companies is enhanced by a number of free trade agreements, and Thailand is certain to be a beneficiary of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).



Social and political stability

Thailand is a foreigner friendly and welcoming Buddhist country. The country's form of

government is a constitutional monarchy, with a high reverence for the Thai Monarchy,

and devotion to the teachings of Buddhism. And although the vast majority of the people

in Thailand are Buddhist, all religions are welcome, and His Majesty the King is the patron

of all religions.


Growing Economy

Economically, this country of 65.12 million people is characterized by steady growth,

strong exports and a vibrant domestic consumer market. Abundant natural resources and a

skilled and cost-effective work force help attract foreign investors, and enable them to

prosper and develop industry in Thailand.

World-class infrastructure

In addition to a growing highway system that now connects not only every province inThailand, but also to neighboring countries of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, Thailand alsooffers:· 7 international airports· 6 deep sea ports and 2 international river ports, including containers, tank farms andliquid jettiesThailand’s development plans for 2012–2022 include a high speed rail network that willconnect north, south, east and west of Thailand, as well as to southern China. The masstransit system in Bangkok is being expanded into the suburbs and air and marinetransportation will be further strengthened to meet the pace of growing demand. 

FDI policies

The country's well-defined investment policies focus on liberalization and encourage free

trade. Foreign investments, especially those that contribute to the development of skills,

technology and innovation are actively promoted by the government. Thailand consistently

ranks among the most attractive investment locations in international surveys, and the

World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2016 report places Thailand as the 49th easiest

country in the world and the second-ranked emerging economy in Southeast Asia in which

to do business.

Likewise, the United Nations Conference on Trade and development (UNCTAD) ranks

Thailand as the 8th most attractive host economy in the world for 2014-2016. 


Thailand has become a Hub for Agriculture, Marine and Hardware exports.The country is known to have shifted from Agrarian to Manufacturing towards Knowledgebased economy. Reason for this are as follows:- High Tax incentives and promotions by government.- Very good Infrastructure. 63,000 kms of world class highways connecting the ASEAN,well connected Sea Routes and inland Rail system.- 36 Airports in the Country- Strategic Logistical Hub in Asia- Availability of abundant natural resources- Ease of Labor due to ASEAN. 

- One stop Window promoted by the government called “BOARD OF INVESTMENT”

which enable the investor to easily start a business with all licensing taken care of by

this department.

Thailand is ranked 8th by UNCTAD as most attractive FDI destination in the world.

Thailand is ranked 17th by WORLD BANK as the easiest place to do business in the world.

Stability of Currency

Thai Baht is considered to be one of the most stable currency in the world. This is due to

the high influx of FDI in the economy and the tourism industry which brings in enormous

foreign exchange.

Friendly and rich culture

Thailand has gained a well-deserved reputation throughout the world for its gracious

hospitality. The friendliness of its people and the diverse nature of Thai culture make

visitors feel safe and at home in Thailand.


Pattaya is Thailand’s fastest growing city and one of the top resorts in the world. The opening of Suvarnabhumi International Airport, located closer to Pattaya, has further played a key role to attract more businesses to the eastern seaboard. The Board of Investment is regularly approving new projects within and around the boundaries of Pattaya, consequently attracting more employees to the city. Pattaya is no longer just a tourist area; it is now an authentic city with permanent residents and communities of foreign retirees, local business owners and workers from nearby industrial estates. Pattaya is also the proposed capital of ASEAN.



Why Invest in PATTAYA?

Pattaya becomes the central hub for the launch of the Association of South East Asian

Nations (ASEAN) the city become an even more attractive investment destination. Pattaya was chosen for its reputation as a safe and sound city with a strong infrastructure and large international community. It was also the ideal choice because English is the official language of the 10 ASEAN member nations and Pattaya already has many English newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and internet sites.

Proximity to Rayong and Chonburi Industrial Area

Rayong and Chonburi Industrial Area are the biggest Industrial Town of Thailand. It is

location 45 Kms from Pattaya. There are several Industries from Agricuture, Marine,

Hardware, Chemical and Automobile manufacturers from across the globe.


Proximity to Laem Chabang Port

Laem Chabang Port is the Second Deepest Sea Port in Asia and it is located 30 Kms from

Pattaya. This port handles 7.7 Million TEUs/Year which is one of the highest in the world.

It is also a hub for transshipment

Infrastructural Growth

Pattaya is witnessing huge investments in the Infrastructure Sector. The Pattaya Airport

(U-Tapao) is being developed as a finest and well-connected airport in Asia.

Several Infrastructural Projects has been announced including an introduction high speed Bullet Train starting from Kumning, China to Rayong, Pattaya and passing through Laos. Other infrastructural projects include multiple underpass, rail network connecting Bangkok and development of all the islands close by.

Home of Expatriates

Pattaya hosts more than 200,000 expatriates from across the globe. The Expats are mainly working here in various field and the rest find Pattaya as the best retirement home. There are special privileges given to foreigners who wish to retire here. With the increasing expats every year, the city hosts world class restaurants, clubs and related entertainment arenas.


Pattaya is considered to be the world biggest Tourism destination. It is just 147 Kms from

Bangkok which makes it popular among locals too. Pattaya receives more than 10 Million tourists every year which makes it the world biggest tourist destination. There are more 65 Tourist destinations in the city. Pattaya is also popular for Medical Tourism and Golf Tourism. There are world class hospitals and more than 16 golf courses in the city.


The property prices in Pattaya have been increasing at an average of 15%-19% year on year over the last 5 years. This is predominantly due to the high influx of tourists from various parts of the world throughout the year. There is a long-term rental potential in Pattaya, certainly in the league of Six to Twelve month rental agreements from people with business interests in Pattaya or who work for international companies that are establishing bases on the eastern seaboard. The Rental Yield is between 10%-12% per year which is one of the highest in the world. Anywhere across the world, the average Rental Yield is just 2%-3% including India and USA.


Amigo at Jomtien, Pattaya

LOCATION - Jomtien town and beach lies about 2 km south of Pattaya Beach and is just a short walk from all of our accommodations. Jomtien town and its Serene beach lies about 4 km south of Pattaya Beach. Amigo Grandeur Condominiums are situated just 800 Meters from Jomtien Beach. The 6km stretch of sandy coastline is a lot less chaotic and crowded than Pattaya. New hotels, resorts, Condominiums, shops and restaurants are rising fast, but you will find the pace much more peaceful and laidback than Pattaya Beach. That’s partly why you find more Europeans here. Native holiday-makers from Bangkok and beyond come to enjoy cool sea breezes and cheap seafood under the shade of large parasols and the pine trees which fringe the sand. With its straight beach and few moored boats, Jomtien is a popular place for water sport enthusiasts, with jet skiing, paragliding, wind surfing along with many more activities. Eating and drinking is a pleasure on the beach and you don’t even need to leave yo



Advantages of Amigo Property

Cartoon network 5 minutes away with (10,000 visitors per day)
Ramayana water park 10 minutes away (10,000 visitors per day)
High-speed rail link from Bangkok will boost the region’s tourist sector even further
Expansion of nearby U-Tapao International Airport will increase international arrivals to the region
Investors can expect significant long-term growth as the region is set to go from strength to strength with a number of large investment projects in progress. The new Ramayana and Cartoon Network water parks are built just minutes from the resort. These two new water parks will be the region’s main tourist attractions with an estimated 20,000 thousand visitors per day. The huge demand for affordable rental accommodation in the area allows investors to enjoy a stable rental yield on their property investment.

With an average 10% rental yield and growing demand in the area, buy to let investors are guaranteed high occupancy levels and a good return on investment. The high-speed rail link currently under construction across South East Asia will open up the region to a wealth of foreign visitors. Furthermore, the high-speed rail link from Bangkok will boost the region’s tourist sector even further.


Land prices in the area increasing approximately 12% per Annum
The average price of condominiums in the region has increased 33% over the last 4 years
Off plan property in the region is sold approximately 15% below market value generating significant capital gains
10% + rental yield and growing demand in the area
Approximately 15 million visitors a year to the region by 2018
Investors will also make significant capital gains as the price of property in the region increases steadily. The average price of condominiums in the region has increased 33% over the last 4 years. Most off plan property in the region are sold at 15% below market value generating significant returns on investment over the construction period.

Amigo Grandeur offers furnished condominium units just 800 Mts from the beach and with easy access to the regions many attractions at a price well below our competitors. Furthermore, Amigo Grandeur Condominium offers competitive payment terms allowing investors to leverage a higher return from a minimal down payment.

Amigo Grandeur also offers investors a full rental management service to make your buy to let investment simple. Whatever your requirements we offer a range of tailor-made investment solutions to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a short, mid or long-term investment our experienced team will guide you in the right direction.

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